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Me and My Bands

Hi! I'm Scott Harrett! This is my website where you can find my different bands and check out what I am currently doing with my music! Follow the links on the 'bands' page, check out my all of my bands and come dance with us!

Late Night Epiphany

Late Night Epiphany is my oldest band and this is the third edition. We are a three piece band with three microphones, drums, guitar and bass. In this band, I play bass but switch to the guitar for some of the songs. We cover a wide variety of genres in this band

Sarah and Scooter

An acoustic guitar duo with my friend, Sarah Breit. She is an amazing vocalist, who sometimes sits in with Late Night Epiphany and is featured on our EP. We do just about anything an acoustic duo can!

Brother Wolves

I joined this band after they were in need of a bassest. I help a little bit with the vocals but mostly concentrate on holding down the bass grooves. I consider this band an indie rock group, but we are known to get bluesy or heavy, too!

The Human Project

The Human Project is a psychodelic rock group with rotating cast. We don't rehearse, we just play. It's never the same show! There are always new faces in this group and musicians with a lot of experience!

Fistful of Ballers

This band is not currently playing but was a fun project to play in. Our songs are usually in time signatures not common and push the limits of our musical ability! This instrumental group challenges the musical status quo.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, my username is @LNEBASS