Late Night Epiphany

Late Night Epiphany has been a band for many years now. Only recently have we arrived at the current set up that make up this power trio. We don't exactly play by the rules of a traditional rock band, although a lot of our songs fall into this genre. We don't always stick with the instruments that we start out with at the begining of the show, yet we keep the music going! LNE sounds like a great idea, which it is! But LNE represents something more than that. We write our music to invoke emotion. Our songs and music can be as eclectic as the human emotions we experience. We also want to make you think and disrupt the status quo. Sometimes we are in your face about it. There are a lot of fucked up things in the world and we want our fans and our listeners to actually care about things that affect our lives and future. That is what Late Night Epiphany is about.